Territory Expat Program

The Northern Territory Government’s Territory Expat program is designed to engage former Territory residents and encourage them to return, and/or act as ambassadors for the Northern Territory, encouraging friends, family and colleagues to consider the Territory as a destination.

Who are Territory expats?

Every year, around 25,000 people are born in, or arrive to live in the Territory from interstate or overseas. In recent times, just under 17,000 residents each year have departed to other states and 4,700 departed overseas.

Research reveals that almost half of the people who leave the Territory stayed longer than they originally anticipated and the great majority are satisfied with their time here. Around one third say they are likely to come back at some stage.

These former Territory residents, or ‘Territory Expats’, form an enormous pool of advocates for the Territory who can encourage the people they know to consider a move to the Territory.

What the program will look like?

The program will mutually benefit the Territory and expats. Expats will actively promote the Territory to their friends, family and other circles. The program will facilitate connections between expat Territorians and Territory businesses and industry organisations.

Over time, the Territory Expat program will also generate a pool of people who can contribute to our ongoing research into what is required to attract new residents to the Northern Territory and what issues are most important in determining how long people are willing to stay.

Join us

Did you live in the Territory in the past and want to come back? Did you visit the Territory and want to help grow our population and economy? Were you in the Territory at some time in your life and want to encourage your friends to move here?

Join us today and we will be in touch with you regarding how we can mutually help each other.